blueseventy Fusion Full Wetsuit Men CLOSEOUT

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The Fusion full sleeved wetsuit provides everything you need when it comes time to take your open water swimming to the next level. A fantastic fit, a design with a buoyancy emphasis in the legs and top neoprene. Built to be comfortable and promote downhill swimming, the Fusion allows you to concentrate on your stroke, not the suit. 

  • Flexible shoulders - uses thin 1.5 mm neoprene on the upper chest, shoulders, arms.
  • Forearm catch panels - honeycomb panels designed to "catch" the water and improve water feel in the forearms
  • Single-seam legs - tube construction for only one seam per leg.  Taped seam allows for cutting up to 6" shorter for custom fit
  • 3-5-4 paneled construction - 3mm in chest to up to 5mm in the lower torso and 4mm in the legs, designed to lift the body and reduce drag in the water.
  • SCS coated - Super Composite Skin coating provide ultimate glide in the water and protects against fingernail or other abrasive elements. 
  • Low flexible collar - for improved comfort and reducing chafing
  • Aqua-seal cuffs - prevents unwelcome water entry, yet still easy to remove.



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