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Nutrition and Recovery

Get fueled up for your training and racing with a great selection of the most proven brands of sports nutrition products.   And when it comes to recovering quickly, we’ve got that covered with an array of therapeutic products.



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Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs

Working with pro cyclists, Dr. Allen Lim found athletes looking for something new in their nutrition. In collaboration with professional chef Biju Thomas he sought to make fueling delicious and practical. Their groundbreaking Feed Zone Cookbook, and its companion, Feed Zone Portables,  brought the favorite recipes of the pros to everyday athletes.  These books have been favorites of our customers since we introduced them to the store.

Skratch Labs hydration mix has taken on a great following as well.  It was developed and tested in the field with athletes competing in races like the Tour de France who said they felt better, performed better, and didn’t experience the bloating and stomach issues that they did with other sports or electrolyte drinks.  Lightly and naturally flavored with real fruits and powered with replenishing electrolytes, you can drink this stuff hour after hour and feel great.   Try the new Apples and Cinnamon flavor made with hot water – great for cold weather workouts!

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