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Our Running Store

We believe in running naturally and we carry shoes designed to help you do that.  Shoes that are light weight, level and open in the toe box help your feet do what they were meant to.  Come visit us and we’ll help you discover how to unlock your natural running ability.


newton running

 We were born to run. Literally. The human body is one of the most efficient running machines nature has ever produced.  Why put a shoe on that limits our natural ability?  Newton Running shoes were born of this idea.  Light, level, open in forefoot,  all with the unique Newton Action/ReactionTM technology.   Put a pair on and you will immediately experience a highly responsive and engaging cushioning that protects you and loses less energy with every step you take.  More efficient running, quicker recovery time.  What’s not to love?

Come visit our store.  We carry every Newton Running shoe model.  We’re experts on the line and fitting the shoes.  We’ll help you find the one that best works for you. 

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Altra was born in the back room of a Utah running store out of the desire make a zero-drop shoe that allowed the natural shape of the foot. What began as experimental shoe alterations has evolved into the only shoe company to provide a Zero Drop platform and FootShape toe box.  The unique design promotes lower-impact technique and allows the feet to remain in a natural, relaxed position across all kinds of terrain.   This in turn helps minimize stress on the feet and runner’s body and helps keep injury at bay.

The line includes shoes for all types of runners, for road and for trail, for short, fast running as well as ultra marathon running.

Just Arrived

Newton Gravity V, Newton Motion V, Newton Distance V

NEW! Gravity V, Motion V and Distance V

Our commitment to Newton’s revolutionary technology and design continues.   All new Gravity V, Motion V and Distance V.    The Pop 1 line is newly updated with enhanced form and fit and great new colors.


Gear up for your running with an array of running accessories from these fine brands.

Running Accessories

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