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Quintana Roo PRfive Disc Di2 Race Teal

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We designed a disc-brake bike for real triathletes—it's aero, stable, lightweight and adjustable with only two wrenches. The new PRfive Disc triathlon bike competes at the highest level, with elevated safety and braking capabilities in any condition. Increased lateral stiffness, and a more aerodynamic design, allows you to output more power while conserving energy for the run. The PRfive Disc gives athletes the confidence they need to perform their best and set new PR's.

  • Ultegra di2 electronic shifting with sychroshift
  • With SHIFT+, QR was able to offset our Static Aero Downtube in a way that moves airflow away from the ‘dirty’ (drivetrain side) to the ‘clean’ side (non-drive side). Not only does this give you a major aero advantage, but it also lends stability mile after mile.
  • TRP Spyre Disc brakes - Improves stopping power and braking modulation to increase safety and rider confidence. Slight changes in frame design to allow for thru-axle disc brake systems, increases the stiffness of the bike allowing for greater power transfer and acceleration.
  • Integrated top tube and rear QBox storage
  • ISM PS 1.0 saddle
  • Vision Trimax 52-36 crank
  • Reynolds Strike Carbon race wheels



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