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Training and Racing Resources


Here are some training resources we recommend based on our own and customers’ personal experience…check them out!

VO2 Max Testing

Get tested and train smarter!  Coach Ken Mierke of Fitness Concepts performs testing at his studio as well as in our store from time to time.  See more about the benefits of testing here.   Or click above to join our newsletter to learn about future dates in our store!


Looking for a coach for your first triathlon or your first ironman triathlon?  View some of our recommended coaches. 

Therapy and Recovery

  • Structural ElementsStructural Elements is a fusion of bio mechanically based structural bodywork and the use of acupuncture/dry needling, a highly effective modality used to normalize connective tissue irregularities that can develop during intensive training.   TT Owners, Alex and Steve have both personally experienced positive outcomes to or own injuries and seen many of our customers report the same.
  • Bowen Therapy or Bowenwork is a unique modality of body work that is comprised of gentle yet highly effective moves across muscles, tendons, and peripheral nerves that trigger the body’s natural self healing response. If you’re struggling with a chronic injury, we recommend you try it.  Contact Kate Deriso at Integrated Healing Studio in Herndon.
  • NormaTec Recovery Zone.   Recover faster after long workouts or races.  Come book a session in our Normatec Recovery boots which work to boost circulation, reducing muscle soreness.  A 40 minute session is only $25.  Or buy a 10-session punch card for $200.


Race Finder Resources

Find races locally and beyond with these great resources.

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