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Bike Fitting

An expert bike fit can make a huge difference in your comfort, efficiency and power on the bike.   It can also help guard against injury.  Make an investment in your fit.

$95 labor
    • approximately 1 hour appointment
    • Basic measurements
    • minor adjustments with current equipment
    • this service is included with any new bike purchase

$175 labor
    • 2 hour plus appointment
    • customer interview to identify goals
    • head to toe comprehensive fit with documentation
    • includes any new component installations

Recommended replacement parts costs are in addition to the above and will be estimated for customer approval.

Saddle Demos!

Let us help you find the right saddle.   Finding a good saddle is very individual.   What one person loves, another may find very uncomfortable.   That’s why we offer a selection of demo saddles for you to try.  Stop in and pick up a demo, ride it for a few rides, then try another until you’ve found what works best for you.  We have a line of demos from these popular brands:

  • ISM Adamo
  • Cobb
  • Terry
demo saddles


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