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Our Mechanics

Bill McCarrick
In his 33 years as a bike mechanic, Bill has accumulated vast knowledge and problem-solving skills, with a particular focus on high-end racing bikes. As a former bike racer himself, he applies his discerning standards to every bike he works on. With 17 years working as a mechanic on the Ironman race circuit, he has had the opportunity and challenge to work on thousands of triathlon bikes. He particularly enjoys working on the latest technology as bike designs evolve.

Steve Makranczy
Steve wears many hats as shop owner, one of which is working on bikes. Because our store carries three of the top brands in triathlon, Steve makes it a priority to stay ahead of the curve on all the new technology and builds many of the new bikes that come into the store. As a bike fitter, Steve applies his 17 years of triathlon racing experience, knowledge of biomechanics, and technical understanding of a wide range of bikes to ensure each customer achieves optimal performance and comfort on two wheels.

Bike Service Packages

Standard Tuneup — $150

  • Service headset, bottom bracket
  • Align & adjust brakes
  • Inspect and true wheels
  • Tighten all bolts to spec
  • Adjust shifting & lube chain
  • Inspect tires, cables, brake pads for wear
  • Re-wrap bars as needed

Premium UltraSonic Tuneup — $250

Standard tuneup plus:

  • Full cleaning of drivetrain and brake calipers in our ultrasonic parts washer — your bike will look sparkling like new!

Major Overhaul — $300

Premium tuneup plus:

  • Clean or replace bottom bracket
  • Clean or replace headset
  • Replace all cables and housings