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The 4th generation of the blueseventy Helix suit is the culmination of years of testing and research: its the finest suit yet. Made from meticulously sourced materials and countless prototypes, this is the most flexible and comfortable wetsuit yet. Proprietary TST panels provide unparalleled upper body flexibility while thick 5mm Yamomoto Aerodome rubber delivers a higher body position in the water. Paired with quick exit legs, a reverse zipper and body fit panels; the Helix fits like a second skin and is quicker through T1.  Hands down, the most flexible and buoyant wetsuit on the market. 

  • Torsional Stretch Technology - the blue panels have been a feature since the first Helix model.  1.5mm thin Yamamoto 40 cell neoprene provide superior stretch, fit and flexibility. In this year's model these panels have been repositioned for ultimate comfort and range of motion. 
  • Ultra thin arms - no other wetsuit offers 1mm premium Yamamoto 40 cell neoprene on the arms that fit like a second skin.  All the freedom of a sleeveless, but with the efficiency and warmth of a full sleeved suit. 
  • Body Fit Panels - body mapped and gender specific paneled construction improve fit and comfort and enhance body rotation. 
  • VO2 Chest Panels - Split chest construction provides optimal buoyancy while maximizing stretch during deep breathing. New this year, the thinner center panel has been extended to the neckline to improve fit and comfort.
  • Quick Exit legs - new 2mm panels on lower leg cuff designed to ease suit removal
  • Forearm panels - ultra light, hydrophobic catch panel increase  water feel for better arm position in the catch phase of the stroke. 
  • Aquaseal - The 4 way stretch fabric in our 40 cell 1mm silicone cuffs seal the wrists from unwelcomed water entry, without catching when removing the suit.
  • Knee flex - 2mm panels behind the knee assist knee flex, especially when running to transition
  • Reverse zipper - removes the bulky zipper head from behind the neck, but also reduces the need for a traditionally higher collar, improving your comfort and making it easier to sight.
  • Buoyancy panels - The Helix is built on a 5-5-4 pattern, centralizing core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the body. The chest and torso panels utilize super buoyant 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome that keep the hips high and promote an efficient downhill swimming position.
  • Flexibility - On the inside the bright orange inner super stretchy jersey is laminated to ultra supple 40 cell neoprene to produce an incredibly flexible suit.  The thin blue stretch panels have a similarly flexible blue jersey backing that is amazingly flexible.  

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